Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hey, Mitsubishi, Look No Further

Mitsubishi is in trouble and needs help. According to an article at the Automotive Business Review, "Mitsubishi has been looking for auto collaborations to support its struggling business."

Now, listen here, Mitsubishi. If you're looking for some auto-collaborations, then I've got a few you might want to check out. There's one online at Thieves Jargon. There are two more coming online at SIR! Magazine. And I got a full-length manuscript I'm shopping around called Auto-Collaborations With Myself. You want to shake up the car industry? Why don't you team up with a fucking poet? That'll mess with everyone's minds. Might be a disaster for your finances, though. In poetry land, a book is successful if it sells 300 copies. So, on second thought, sorry, I'll go on auto-collaborating with myself. Meep Meep!

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