Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Short Order Poems Served Up All Month During National Poetry Month

In 1996, some clever poet wizards got together in a secluded mountain enclave somewhere and decided to create a month-long holiday to celebrate poetry and force school kids the world over to have to write 5-paragraph essays on poems, etc. In 2014, some poets in Oklahoma decided that they would bring poetry to the people with typewriters. They then decided, hey, since it’s National Po Month, let’s post all the poems we wrote at our inaugural event, one a day, to our bloggy blog. And that’s what they did. And it was good. And poetry flourished throughout the land. The end. Or was it the beginning?

Check it out.


Thursday, March 20, 2014


Come to H&8th Night Market on March 28th in Downtown OKC (http://h8thokc.com/) to see my friend and fellow Short Order poet Timothy Bradford and I type poems on the spot for the poem-hungry masses.

People have been busking poems for years I guess, and there was that awesome scene in Before Sunrise..."I'll carry you, you carry me, that's how it could be"...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rjYR6qSO_A), but the immediate inspiration came from Kathy Rooney's Poems While You Wait in Chicago, which has been dropping dope poems in public since 2011 (http://poemswhileyouwait.tumblr.com/).

Here's about Tumblr for it: http:shortorderpoems.tumblr.com.

Ribbit Ribbit

New poems up at Toad Le Journal. Many thanks to the magnificent Lisa Summe for these.


These poems are from the "Doctor" section of my full-length CITY OF TOMORROW, which is an extension and extenuation of the chapbook of the same title that Greying Ghost put out in late 2013.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Thank you, Cutbank, for publishing "Fort Cochi, India" in your latest issue. If anyone is interested, it is available here:



New long poem up at Sixth Finch.


Plus new work by the likes of Jeremiah Gould (publisher of Buenos Aires!), Sarah Green (former colleague and friend!), and many excellent others. Lots of reading to do, but after a quick glance, this poem by Christoper DeWeese stands out:


Ah man, Christopher, how I can relate to the "careful tired air" out of which we try to make song.


Thank you, Carl at Greying Ghost. It is beautiful.


Here's what Carl says about it:

"I like to imagine these poems being read on the fresh ruins of a city that used to be a city that, too, was once a city before. One line flakes away into the dust congress of the next; another explodes like a hidden sex organ. In two hundred years maybe these poems will be rediscovered underneath the burnt out chassis of a party bus and people will be envious of you for having been the first to expound on the truths of this collection. City of Tomorrow sidearm-swipes the bookshelf of your mind clean only to build a new shelf and destroy that one, too.”

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Buenos Aires, my new chapbook from Rye House Press, is now available for purchase! Click on the link at left and buy it!

These poems are 100% organic, non-GMO poems, written sustainably and locally by yours truly, assembled by Jeremiah Gould himself in NH and not in some sweatshop by underpaid, malnourished children, and further, no animals were injured in these operations. Buy them, read them, and enjoy responsibly or, better yet, irresponsibly!

Here's a snap, courtesy of Jeremiah, of the back cover:

And here's what Jeremiah writes about the book:
The poems in Buenos Aires unwind as a ball of twine or memories unwind – looped and nestled, moving with and against each other – filled with the humorous, self-aware, awkward, and poignant; all within the steady flow of narrative found in stories and travel. Experienced separately, these poems create large, voluminous structures that have the properties of sculpture. Experienced together, you can see what could be as direct a map of a life’s journey as one can get through a book of poems, asking that you read “as a surveyor / to determine the lines between things / where things ended and things began.”

Thanks, Jeremiah!