Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Buenos Aires, my new chapbook from Rye House Press, is now available for purchase! Click on the link at left and buy it!

These poems are 100% organic, non-GMO poems, written sustainably and locally by yours truly, assembled by Jeremiah Gould himself in NH and not in some sweatshop by underpaid, malnourished children, and further, no animals were injured in these operations. Buy them, read them, and enjoy responsibly or, better yet, irresponsibly!

Here's a snap, courtesy of Jeremiah, of the back cover:

And here's what Jeremiah writes about the book:
The poems in Buenos Aires unwind as a ball of twine or memories unwind – looped and nestled, moving with and against each other – filled with the humorous, self-aware, awkward, and poignant; all within the steady flow of narrative found in stories and travel. Experienced separately, these poems create large, voluminous structures that have the properties of sculpture. Experienced together, you can see what could be as direct a map of a life’s journey as one can get through a book of poems, asking that you read “as a surveyor / to determine the lines between things / where things ended and things began.”

Thanks, Jeremiah!


Tiago said...

I stayed in a buenos aires apartment two months on holidays years ago, and I realized that there are a very important cultural activity that includes not only tango, but poetry, painting, etc. Very interesting.

Chris said...

This is gorgeous!