Friday, March 1, 2013

Some Updates

Some updates. Some of these updates are long overdue, some are recent. Updates.

Some poems appeared in various places in the past year or so.

Thanks to Amanda O'Connor for publishing Autocollaboration w/ Personal Digital Assistant in Love Among the Ruins.

Thanks to Rob McDonald and Roberto Montes for publishing Tuscany and Spoleto in Sixth Finch. Thanks again to Rob and Roberto for nominating Tuscany for a Pushcart Prize.

Thanks to Scott Gregory for publishing Cargo and Commute in This Land Press.

Thanks to Kathleen Rooney and Elisa Gabbert for choosing to discuss Buenos Aires on HTML Giant's awesome Friends Read Friends' Poems series.

Some poems are forthcoming.

Thanks to Gale Marie Thompson for selecting my poem Siena to appear in the forthcoming Jellyfish Magazine.

Thanks to Carl Annarummo and Greying Ghost Press for choosing to publish my new chapbook City of Tomorrow sometime in the coming year.

Thanks to Alexis Orgera for tagging me to participate in the Next Big Thing interview. I'll be posting my answers to this blog either this weekend or early next week.

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