Monday, May 18, 2009


Somebody asked the world
if it liked clams and linguine.
The world said you ought to reverse it.
Reverse what somebody said.
Make it linguine and clams--
putting clams first is problematic.
Why asked somebody.
Because said the world clams belong to the sauce
but the sauce isn't as important as the type of pasta.
So you prefer linguine to clams.
You could say that.
Could I say that you prefer clams to fusili or rotini.
Yes you could say that.
So you like clams with fusili or rotini.
I do.
And linguine with clams.
Do you even like clams?
But the world didn't hear somebody
ask the final question.
The final question the world ever heard
was the one before that.
The world then had a heart attack
and was rushed to the hospital
but perished in the ambulance.
In the interest of full disclosure
I admit that I am that somebody.
For years I have harbored the secret
guilt that I killed the world.
I think about it every time
I eat at the Olive Garden.
The waitresses all know to bring me
endless bowls of the same two dishes.